Leadership Training with International Business Concepts

“Good leaders develop ideas. Great leaders develop people. The best leaders develop new leaders.”Bobby Umar                When we think ten years down the road, we envision each of our team members thriving in their careers. We can see them running successful branch offices for our client, surrounded by individuals eager to learn and grow their skills.... Continue Reading →

A Few of our Summertime Favorites

               Did you know that in roughly one month, summer will officially be over?! The next few weeks are vital for those who continue to shelter in place throughout phase two of our city reopening but are eager to enjoy a little bit of the season before it’s over. We understand that it can be frightening... Continue Reading →

The Path to Exceptional Leadership

               What does being a leader mean to you? Here at International Business Concepts, it means being an example for every individual that crosses our path. Whether someone is in our office for a few months or years, we always aim to influence their lives positively. Being a good leader is not enough for us; we... Continue Reading →

Cultivating a Strong Mentality

Mentality: the characteristic attitude of mind or way of thinking of a person or group.                No matter if you are a seasoned entrepreneur or are just getting started, the one thing that can make or break your career is your mentality. At International Business Concepts, we talk about where we are mentally daily. Why? Because... Continue Reading →

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