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Time Management Tips to Get You to the Finish Line

When it comes time to accomplish your goals, there is something we find we always need more of: time! Our crew at International Business Concepts gathered some of our top time management tips to get you to the finish line of your goals with less stress and more time to celebrate your wins! When we organize ourselves and our work in an intentional way, we can succeed in our endeavors with ease.

Plan Your Play, Play Your Plan

Before you set forth on your day or week, plan out what you want to accomplish and what you have to do to get there. Estimate how long it will take you to complete certain tasks and organize them in a way that they will build on each other to help you reach your goals. 

When you plan your play, play your plan. You have created a plan to set yourself up for success, so make sure to keep it in mind as you work and have flexibility for additional time needed or any bumps in the road you run into. The key to time management is all in the planning at the start of your day.

Take Breaks

While it may seem like taking breaks actually goes against time management – it’s not! Allowing yourself to take breaks and reset while you work has been proven to be helpful when working hard! With the right setup and mentality, when you take a pause, you can get your mind back in the right place for a productive rest of the day.

Use your breaks to get some movement in (go for a quick walk or stretch – movement helps your mind!), respond to a few text messages, or play with your dog. After quick moments to reframe your mindset, it’s time to get back to work; with a clear mind, you’ll be more productive.

Batch Your Work

What is task batching? It is a method of working in which you batch similar tasks together to knock them out quicker and increase productivity. For example, if you have multiple projects that you have to work on, each with similar tasks and layout, batch the similar tasks together and complete those all at once versus working on each project separately. 

Have you tried task batching before? Let us know if you have done it or are excited to try this new productivity strategy! Once you get the hang of it, we know it will improve your time management.

Time Yourself

It may sound silly at first, but our team at International Business Concepts has come to realize that timing ourselves while we work has greatly helped our time management! Time how long it takes you to complete batches of work and evaluate where you may be able to cut out some non-value-added time. Did you space out into la-la land or get distracted by a phone notification? Did you venture onto another task before finishing what you started? Jumping around on tasks isn’t great for productivity, and timing yourself and looking into your work can really help you stay on track.

Turn Off Notifications

Speaking of notifications – turn them off. A huge time management hack is to get rid of your distractions, especially your phone notifications. Use your break time to answer a text, check your tweets, or call your mom back. While you are working hard, keep your focus on your work. One quick glance at your phone while you are working can quickly turn your hustle flat if you get distracted too easily.

Get Ready to Crush Your Goals with These Time Management Tips

We can’t wait to see all you will efficiently accomplish with our time management tips; they’re sure to get you to the finish line. Between taking breaks and really evaluating the time spent on your work, you will surely crush your goals and finish your projects ahead of your deadlines. With all that extra time, you can get started on bigger and better projects!


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