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NBA Playoffs 2022 Season: Cheering on the Golden State Warriors

Although located in Raleigh, NC, our team at International Business Concepts isn’t rooting for any of the Eastern Conference teams during this year’s NBA Playoffs. Instead, we are cheering on the Golden State Warriors! Led by Coach Steve Kerr, the Warriors are progressing well, and we have high hopes that they will be lifting the Larry O’Brien Trophy this June.

As a sales firm, we know the benefits of having a solid work ethic and a driven mentality. So, it’s natural that our sports-minded team would be glued to their screens this season. The players making up this year’s roster are better than ever and a true testament to what happens when you commit 100% to your goals. They want to walk away champions, and it’s clear that they’ve put in the work pre-Playoffs!

Why have we picked the Golden State Warriors as our winning team? We think their team lineup, coach, and performance so far speak for themselves. It has been three years since they made it to the Playoffs, and they are taking the opportunity seriously!

Steph Curry has been playing at a high level all season, coming back from an injury just in time for game one of the series. He is a two-time league MVP and known as the greatest shooter of all time. Curry is famous for keeping a level head under pressure, and this control is going to be vital as they inch closer to the finals! Not leading the Warriors alone, Curry is working side-by-side with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, reliable veterans who have been exceeding expectations.

Yes, these guys have been playing at an impressive level, but our confidence in them is rooted in the skill of their Coach, Steve Kerr. Kerr knows what it takes to win: an eight-time NBA Champion, five as a player with the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs, and three coaching the Warriors. He has led the Warriors through their most successful period in history, and with him leading the way this year, there is nothing that can stop his team from overcoming their competition!

The Memphis Grizzlies have been formidable opponents in round two as they are tied against the Warriors one to one. They are hungry and are demanding respect from the Warriors by leaving it all on the court. While we admire their game, Golden State is still the favorite going into game three tomorrow, Saturday, May 7th. In game two, Memphis’ defense did a great job holding the Warriors back, and Morant’s 47 points can’t be ignored. However, our team only lost by 5 points. They are going to have learned from this experience, making them unstoppable tomorrow night!

At International Business Concepts, we love watching athletes perform at their highest level. So far, the NBA Playoffs have been the peak of our year, and we are excited to watch the Golden State Warriors end the season on top! Finals, here we come!!


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