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Employee VS Entrepreneur Mindset

There is no one road to success. In fact, there are many different ways to be professionally successful in the modern era. The two most prevalent professional mindsets of the modern working-class citizen are that of the employee versus that of the entrepreneur. Here at International Business Concepts, we don’t believe there is a “correct” way to be successful. Rather, we are here to provide the existential debate between the employee mindset and the entrepreneur mindset and encourage you to decide which better suits your professional style.

The Road to Success

The integral difference between employees and entrepreneurs is the road to success for the two. Entrepreneurs tend to “create” their own success, meaning they form their own industry, become their own boss, and look for ways to get from point A to point Z without touching each letter of the alphabet. Entrepreneurs don’t think in a linear way; they look for ways around, under, or upside-down. Employees, on the other hand, are trained with the promise of promotion. They see life in terms of a ladder. In order to get to point Z, the employee must stand in the shoes of not only A, but B, C, D, and so on.

Receptiveness to Opportunity

Whether or not you believe it, the employee is far more open to opportunity than the entrepreneur. Let us explain. The entrepreneur has an idea, a plan, and a vision. They are hungry and refuse to give up on their professional goals, even when given an opportunity that any other person would snag up. The employee, even with career dreams, and a specific degree, is far more likely to take that job opportunity that comes from left field- especially when it comes from a strong company, offers a great salary, and a fancy title. The entrepreneur would rather make their own way in the world than snag that dream position that a hundred others applied for previously.


Entrepreneurs are natural leaders, while employees are trained to collaborate. As an employee, no matter your rank, you are part of a team. Entrepreneurs want to delegate; they dream of sitting in the big chair and dealing with the major crises — not the minor reports. Do you want to create and monitor a winning team or collaborate on the team? Your answer might say more about your professional style than you think.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your professional style and your personal goals. What do you want to achieve in your life? Keep that vision at the forefront of your mind and go from there. No matter your path, play to your strengths and remember, you can always adapt and grow. Just because you started off with an employee mindset does not mean you can’t grow into an entrepreneur. Life is all about growth and our team here at International Business Concepts is the perfect example of that. Now, go tackle your goals with a determined mindset because, in the end, your work ethic is all that matters!


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