Advice to December Graduates

With only two months left in 2021, our team at International Business Concepts is starting to prepare for the year ahead. We have monumental goals set for 2022, and we know that if we don’t grow our team, we’re setting ourselves up to fail. Our recruiting team is currently scouring resumes, looking for qualified candidates that would mesh well with our company culture and the long-term opportunity we provide; this is where you come in December graduates. You’ll be walking the stage soon, and while that’s exciting, do you know where your journey will take you once your big day is done? If not, then you’re in the right place. Today, we want to share some advice on taking your next steps, and of course, explain why we believe International Business Concepts is a contender to those looking to work in the Raleigh, NC, area!

Take A Moment

Once upon a time, our team members all stood precisely where you are standing right now. The precipice that you’re balancing on is a trial we’ve each faced and learned from. Before you leap into the next stage of your life, we encourage you to commit this moment to memory. You’re about to be the smallest fish in the tank again. So, enjoy these last few big fish moments and appreciate all that you’ve faced to reach this point. Look around you, take a breath, and be present. Before you know it, this chapter will be a distant memory. Embrace this experience while it lasts!

Utilize Your Resources

You’ve spent the last few years being mentored by your advisor and professors. Just because you’ve earned your degree doesn’t mean that they’re through with you. They have invested in your development; continue utilizing them as a resource! Whether you need help putting together a resume, practicing for an interview, or deciding between offers, they’ve got the experience to help you out.

Another resource that you should lean on is the internet! Knowledge of all of the businesses that you’ll be interviewing with is at your fingertips. Don’t let your excitement overshadow your need to prepare. Before meeting with recruiters, learn about the company’s management team, their mission statement, and the overall vibe of the business; this will showcase your professionalism and interest. It will also allow you to construct a list of questions to ask, which will be helpful when deciding if they’re a good fit for you!

A Little About International Business Concepts

Now that we’ve shared a few words of wisdom, we want to talk about ourselves for a moment. International Business Concepts was founded in 2018. Our President, Cruz Mendez, wanted to build a business focused on its people – both in his office and community.

Our services include retail sales, leadership training, and target marketing. We deliver results for our clients through direct interaction with their customers, something they can’t get elsewhere. This commitment to others and dedication to having value-centered business practices make us one of Raleigh’s top sales and marketing firms.

Upcoming graduates, your life is about to change. We know that this is scary, but don’t forget about everyone that came before you, including all of us at International Business Concepts. We’ve excelled in our post-grad lives, and you will too!

To apply to one of our open positions, email your resume to!

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