Meet the Recruiter Who Has Been With Us Since Day One – Nathaly Gallardo

International Business Concepts’ Director of Operations, Nathaly Gallardo, knows what it takes to build a strong team. The twenty-seven-year-old recruiter has been with the company since we opened our doors in June of 2018- talk about an OG. Growing up, Gallardo dreamt of conquering the sports world as a reporter, inspired by the lack of female representation among televised sports reporters. It didn’t take long for that passion and drive to shift away from the camera and towards the business world, but how did she end up here? How does she build a team? What does the future hold for her?

When did your life path divert into the sales world?

“It started in college. I went straight to the University of Texas at San Antonio after high school graduation. I chose that university because it was only four hours away from home, far enough to get the college experience, but close enough to drive home on the weekends. That experience taught me how to adapt and to step out of my comfort zone. I went to school without knowing anyone, so I had to build brand new relationships, which is a helpful tool in recruiting.”

How do you define your leadership style? 

“I would define my leadership style as hands-off. I provide in-depth training for the first couple of weeks and ensure members are equipped with resources. After that period, I let them spread their wings and coach through any mistakes. Trusting individuals to do their work without me breathing down their back is important to me; it helps individuals feel helpful and valuable without feeling micromanaged. In the years of practicing this style, I have noticed it allows the individual to build self-resilience and accountability.”

Are you a competitive person? 

“I am extremely competitive! I grew up with three brothers and one sister who all love sports and competition as much as I do. When I wasn’t playing soccer with my team, I would compete with my siblings at home. We challenged each other to compete in everything from bike racing to eating the fastest. We giggle about it now, but I would say my competitive nature stemmed from growing up closely with my siblings. Music also harnessed my competitive streak. I played the clarinet for eight years and attended regional and national competitions.”

What kind of qualities do you seek out in an employee or team member? 

“I seek out individuals who are self-motivated, positive, and ambitious. They are the go-getters that will push themselves to do and be better. When circumstances don’t align with plans, their positive outlook shines, and they find solutions for an outcome.”

What have you found to be most challenging as a leader in this business? 

“The biggest challenge as a leader in this business was initially taking a step back and allowing others to learn from their mistakes. I would step in before the mistake was made, thinking I was helping, but it was quite the opposite. It would hinder an individual from actually learning. Stepping away and allowing individuals to make their mistakes is now one of my favorite aspects of leadership because it is a major key in raw development.”

What are you passionate about? 

“I am passionate about nature, wildlife, food, and family. I am the tree hugger and plastic ring cutter in my family. As for food, I was blessed with an amazing father who is a Motion Picture Chef. I can talk about my love for food, but I feel like it would turn into a novel given the varieties of cuisines I have tried and am learning to cook.”

How has International Business Concepts been affected by the COVID-19 crisis? What are you looking forward to for the remainder of 2021? 

“We have been challenged to switch to remote recruitment, but have been very fortunate to continue to work throughout the pandemic. I am looking forward to watching our newest Assistant Manager grow; she is making history as the first female branch owner in International Business Concepts’ history!”

What motivates you to wake up and go to work? 

“I feel blessed to be alive and healthy, and that is the greatest motivator for me; to have another opportunity to attack a new day. Being fully aware that my performance impacts the growth of those around me is an extra boost!”

Where do you see your team in 5 years? 

“I see my team thriving professionally and personally in different markets across the nation! I see confident, passionate individuals growing their own business and having the freedom to enjoy their time doing whatever fills them.”

What business advice would you give to people hoping to grow from entry-level to executive positions? 

“Have an open mind to the process and ask a lot of questions! Trust in your ability to learn and soak up as much knowledge from individuals with different perspectives as possible.”

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment to date? 

“My greatest accomplishment to date is financially assisting my mother and sending her on vacation.”

What important lesson did a mentor teach you? 

“My Band Director, Mr. Caston, taught me an important lesson in finishing everything you start and doing it over to improve every time. He would not let me leave a music lesson without completing an entry. ‘Excuses are like armpits, Nathaly. Everyone has them, and they stink,‘ was a major saying of his. He would test my patience and see if I would give in to making excuses and give up, or face the challenge and try again. To this day, I can hear him saying that phrase when my mind wants to play games and come up with excuses to give in.”

Who inspires you? 

Kobe Bryant has been one of my biggest inspirations since I was a little girl. His athleticism was something I was immediately drawn to. As I grew up and later understood the impact of mindset, Kobe then became an even greater inspiration in life. I carry the ‘Mamba Mentality’ approach in life to be better at whatever I set my mind to.”

How do you define success? 

“I define success as finding happiness with oneself through achievement. Success means the ability to be self-fulfilled while continuing to strive for more.”

There is no one in the world quite like Nathaly Gallardo, and no one exemplifies ‘Mamba Mentality’ the way she does. Her stellar combination of grit, motivation, and supreme kindness is what has fueled her career and sent her into the stratosphere. As a day-one teammate, there is no question about it; without Nathaly Gallardo, there’s no telling where International Business Concepts would be. Lucky for us, we may never have to find out. 

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