The 5 P’s of Success with Mohamed Al-Hadrami

“Hi! My name is Mohamed Al-Hadrami, and I am a Corporate Trainer at International Business Concepts, and I’m 22 years young.”

Since September of this year, Mohamed Al-Hadrami has been with International Business Concepts and has brought his positivity, experience, and drive into the office and inspired the entire team. Born in Yemen and raised in California, Al-Hadrami is a career-focused millennial looking to smash all of the records in front of him and change the industry. Despite not anticipating this career path, Al-Hadrami describes it as ‘a dream.’

“As a child, I dreamt of making a positive difference in the world,” says Al-Hadrami, “I started working in high school with that goal. I was always running and managing family businesses, which taught me a lot.” Al-Hadrami is no stranger to responsibility. Beyond managing multiple businesses as a teenager, he was also a dedicated student and athlete. “I have always been competitive,” says Al-Hadrami, “I played football and basketball, which pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me what it takes to win. Over the years, I have carried that competitive drive in everything I do.”

“My career has grown quickly, but I am nowhere near done,” says Al-Hadrami, “there is only more opportunity for growth in front of me, and I’m not slowing down. I’m passionate about helping people, but I can’t help anyone if I haven’t helped myself. The goal is to put myself in a position to make a difference and help others. True success to me will mean the ability to give back and do more for others whose hands are tied behind their backs. Success is financial freedom, time, and happiness. I’d say the goal is to be at peace.”

“My Islamic culture is important to me,” says Al-Hadrami, “My greatest accomplishment to date is going on a pilgrimage to the holy cities. It was a huge deal for me and honestly refreshed my soul. After I left, I felt like my mind had been reset, and I felt better than ever.” Mohamed Al-Hadrami is inspired by his father, who entered America in 1962 at the age of seventeen as an immigrant, working on a farm to provide and bring his family to America with him, which he later achieved in 2002.

In the next five years, Mohamed Al-Hadrami sees himself at the helm of an empire. He is inspired by the industry as a whole and the idea of being ‘self-made.’ He is far from arrogant, picking up advice and lessons from everyone around him and genuinely listening to learn. One piece of advice he picked up along the way was the concept of the 5 P’s of success; proper preparation prevents poor performance. He brings that concept into the International Business Concepts office each day, inspiring all of us to be better.

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