Start Building Your Own Entrepreneurial Focus

Many entrepreneurs think that their most significant battle in business will be managing finances. What those founders have forgotten about is the demon of distraction. Here at International Business Concepts, we understand it seems that focus can simply escape from our hands sometimes. How can we expect to be more focused when our entrepreneurial life needs more ideas, more tasks, and more efforts? A few answers we’ve discovered are just below. Continue reading to shine light on what you can do as an entrepreneur to stay focused.

Create A Solid Schedule

It’s not enough to know that you have tasks for your business. You need to understand the proper timeline to get each task finished appropriately.
Start with setting a working time when you will work on something important for your business. Be careful to build an environment that will allow you to work only on those important things. Turn your phone over, eliminate unneeded tabs on your browser, and engage in laser focus until your task is finished.

Communicate with your team about when you will be unavailable because a specific task requires your undivided attention. This will allow you to remove spontaneous distractions, delegate leadership to team members, and set an example across the board about how to get things done.

Build Accountability for Yourself

The best way to build accountability that will press you to finish something is by making a public announcement. When you’ve prepped your team about being unavailable for a period of time, announcing when you’ve finished proves accountability and sets the best example for your office, as mentioned above.

Understanding the signs of procrastination at all times will also help you build accountability for yourself and catch the bad habits before they happen. Procrastination happens for a lot of reasons. But the moment you start justifying your actions is the moment you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Clean Your Workplace

This headline seems extremely simple yet crucial. You can’t be focused on your entrepreneurial work if your workplace is in chaotic conditions. Such chaos will take your focus away from your most important work as an entrepreneur. Everything has a place, and by creating organizational habits, you will only be setting yourself up for success.

Eat The Frog

This phrase is something our team at International Business Concepts applies to each day. When you first wake up (after coffee, that is), you’re at your most focused and productive. During that first hour, you should eat the frog. What that means is that you should do your most challenging task at your peak work time. Some people work better at night than in the morning. Find that ideal time of focus, and make sure you take care of your toughest task right then. It’s all about balance and adapting to what works best for you.

Simply start working and improve your habits and environment; the most significant entrepreneurial focus will come. Create a schedule, hold yourself accountable, have a clean workspace, and eat the frog! That’s our top advice we want to give you here at International Business Concepts.

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