Leadership Training with International Business Concepts

“Good leaders develop ideas. Great leaders develop people. The best leaders develop new leaders.”

Bobby Umar

               When we think ten years down the road, we envision each of our team members thriving in their careers. We can see them running successful branch offices for our client, surrounded by individuals eager to learn and grow their skills. Accordingly, one of the first things that we teach our people here at International Business Concepts is that creating success for yourself is great but creating success for others is what will catapult your career to the next level. To be an exceptional leader, you have to be willing at times to put the needs of your team members ahead of your own — a selfless, servant leader.. Do you think that you are up to the task? We think you are! Continue reading for a few bits of advice on how to train leaders successfully!

  • Lead by example

               When you first started in your career, who did you look up to? Did you have a mentor whose actions you mirrored and whose advice you took without thinking twice? Of course, you did!

All successful business leaders understand the importance of mentorship; this is why you have to lead by example.

Your team members are watching you. They see what time you arrive at the office, what you eat for lunch, how you handle high-stress situations, etc. When you train leaders, you have to always be at the top of your game. To develop exceptional leaders, you have to be an exceptional leader.

  • Celebrate big and small successes

               For a new leader, any taste of success is a big deal. As their mentor, you should celebrate all of their achievements, big or small. Your people need to know that you are their number one supporter. Whether they are struggling to hit their goals or are on top of the world, you should be the first person they reach out to. Remember, they are mirroring your actions. Just think of how positive your office atmosphere will be when everyone is celebrating one another daily!

  • Be a master communicator

               For many people, openly communicating with others can be difficult. When speaking with your people, be vulnerable. Show them that you genuinely care about not only their careers but their personal lives as well. The goal is to show them the importance of promoting a reliable, no-judgment open doors policy.

  • Embrace your role – Be confident

               For new leaders, it can be frightening to step up to the plate and take charge. They may feel that they are not ready for this responsibility and shrink back into their comfort zones. It is your job to reassure them and show them they are ready. By being confident and embracing your role as a leader of leaders, you are doing your small part in helping generations of people thrive professionally.

               Being a leader is not easy. Being a leader that chooses to develop other leaders is a whole different level of difficulty. However, there is no better feeling than seeing the people you care about thrive in and out of the office. Take our team here at International Business Concepts as an example. Time and again, we have watched as our people have grown their skills and branched out of our office to be a leader to others. The pride that we have for them knows no bounds! We hope that these tips help you on your journey of training leaders. Best of luck!

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