How We Are Surviving The COVID-19 Pandemic

          Here in North Carolina, we are currently in phase two of reopening our state. Recently, Governor Cooper decided to extend this phase by three weeks in an effort to hinder the continuous spread of the COVID-19 virus. In our state and many others throughout the US, this pandemic is far from over. However, at International Business Concepts, we are not wallowing in this news. Instead, we are learning to adapt. Surviving a pandemic of this magnitude requires three things: Awareness, intelligence, and adaptability. Throughout the past few months, our management team has kept up with the latest news, acted quickly to adjust our business practices when needed, and worked hard to keep our team members in the loop. As time has passed, we have become more confident in our abilities and know that when this is all said and done, we will come out the other side healthy and resilient.

            One of the things that we are the most grateful for during this difficult time is our access to technology. If this pandemic occurred ten years ago, our business might not have survived. Luckily, each of our team members has the tools needed to continue developing their business skills right at home. While in quarantine, we all stay connected, thanks to Zoom. Each week our management team held training seminars, brought in guest speakers, and scheduled one-on-one meetings; all of this was an effort to keep our people focused and our business growing.

               Although we heard that a virus was spreading overseas, there was no way that we could fathom how much our lives would be affected until it hit our shores. Our management team may not have predicted a global pandemic, but we did expect to hit rough patches in the years to come. We believe that it is smart to always have money saved as a “just in case.” Now, we know just how right we were. Our team members have a multitude of things to be stressed about right now, and we are thankful that money is not one of them. Throughout this pandemic, we have been able to keep our staff on payroll despite our doors being closed. Why? Because we’re a family here at International Business Concepts, and family always looks out for one another.

            To say that we are unsure of what tomorrow holds is an understatement. We have no way of knowing when this virus will be eradicated or when things will at least be semi-normal. We know that our team will continue focusing on our goals and what we want to accomplish. This pandemic has forced us all into survivor mode, and we are using these bursts of energy to hunker down on our goals. We know that our current struggles will not last forever, and when they’re gone, we’ll be ready!

               Surviving the COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy, but we are getting it done. We know that there is still a long way to go before our business runs at one hundred percent again, and that’s okay! We are determined to succeed, and if you’re the betting kind, we’d recommend that you bet on us. From all of us here at International Business Concepts, stay home, and stay healthy!


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