Entrepreneur and YouTuber: Meet Jasmin Allen

International Business Concepts is approaching the first anniversary of one of our incredible team members, Jasmin Allen. After joining the team in July of 2019, the Queens native has had a substantial impact on the company culture and the success of our business. Want to hear a fun fact about this entrepreneur? Alongside being savvy in business, Jasmin is a YouTube content creator! Please keep reading to learn more about the person she is, and then check out her YouTube videos online.

Do you feel like a competitive person?

“Absolutely. I ran track ever since I was eight years old. The competitive environment taught me how to push myself to be better than the person ahead of me. With track, I would focus on the person who’s right in front of me and visualize them slowing down to boost my energy up to pass them. Now whatever I am doing, I focus on the person who is right ahead of me and visualize them to slow down, so I can soon pass them. In college, I ran track at Iowa Western and the University of Mississippi; I ran the 200, 400, and 4×4.

Did this career come as a surprise to you?

“You could say that. I had no idea I would end up in this field. It just seemed like the opportunity fell into my lap at the right moment. I’ve found it pushing me to the direction I’m trying to go in my life.

Rewind to your first day at International Business Concepts; how did you feel?

“My first thought starting with this company was fear; the fear of stepping into something professional and failing at it. Something unique I noticed was the feeling I have when I go to work and interact with my leaders. It reminds me of the same feeling when I go to track practice and see my teammates. I never thought I would ever get that same feeling, but I did once I got to know the people here at this company. The culture is similar to what I experienced on a track team; It’s very family-oriented. I’m always excited right before entering the building, and I find myself hoping everyone is already inside.”

Tell us about your best memory with the team. 

“My best memory with the company was the very first team night I went to. I was scared to go to the one beforehand because I’m a shy individual when I don’t know anyone. When I pushed myself to go, I had so much fun. Honestly, I still didn’t talk to many people, but I found myself wishing the night would never end. I was so upset that I hadn’t attended a team night before.”

What has this career taught you?

“The one thing I learned through my work that I didn’t know before was that time management is even more important after college years. I thought handling college classes, and other extra activities was a struggle. Once I started this career, time management came into effect only because this career pushes me to better myself.”

Do you feel like a different person than you were before starting this job?

“This career changed me into a person who is even more open-minded than ever before. I have always been the type of person to see things from another perspective, but this career makes me practice this more and more every day.”

How do you motivate your teammates?

“I motivate my team in the office by always smiling and being energetic around them. I motivate my team outside of the office by always texting them something positive when they are having a rough day.”

Any advice for future entrepreneurs?

“The advice I have for newcomers in the industry is always to remember each setback is just a preparation for an even better comeback. When you are feeling like a failure, stick through it, because the reward is such an amazing accomplishment to achieve.”

What are your goals within the company?

“My goal with the company is to see someone I handpick become an owner. That would be such a great accomplishment to see I had a hand in changing their lives forever.”

Jasmin Allen is a star in so many ways. Whether she is contributing to the growth and success of this team, or building her following on her YouTube channel, Jasmin Allen cannot be stopped. International Business Concepts is endlessly thankful for the opportunity to know her, work with her, and watch her soar.

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