Books and Podcasts That Will Take Your Career to the Next Level

Can you believe that it’s already November? Our team here at International Business Concepts has had an amazingly successful year, however, we still have quite a few goals on our radar. This is why we continuously pump knowledge into our brains and maintain our student mentalities. Learning should be a continuous part of any leader’s life, and our team is a great example of that. However, we stay pretty busy and know that in order to grow our skills, we need to physically pencil in study time on our calendars. Today, we are going to share a few books and podcasts that have helped us throughout the year and that have prepared us to end 2019 strong. We are contributing tools for those of you that are visual and those of you that are auditory learners. Sorry, but we’ve left you with zero excuses! We are virtually handing you all the knowledge you need to achieve greatness! 

Podcast – The Art of the Hustle

What are you interested in learning? Do you need tips on how to maintain your attitude or how to market your business? What about advice on how to take your company to the next level? Then, The Art of the Hustle should be your drive to work entertainment every day of the week. Each podcast is led by a different host who gives off advice on a plethora of topics. They will keep you up to date with the latest business trends and in the loop for all things mentality!

Podcast – Entrepreneurs on Fire

This podcast was founded and is hosted by John Lee Dumas. He is a former Army Officer that has interviewed top business leaders such as Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Barbara Corcoran. His goal in life is to help YOU find your fire and create the life of your dreams. If you are an entrepreneur or have dreams of becoming one, then we recommend you tune in to JLD regularly each week. We promise you will pick up knowledge, motivation, and most importantly, wisdom. 

Book – The Non-Obvious Guide to Emotional Intelligence (You Can Actually Use)

Do you know what EQ is? No? Then, you need to pick up this masterpiece authored by Kerry Goyette ASAP! She not only discusses the importance of creating genuine relationships with your team but also teaches you how to make it happen. The days of being a distant boss that only comes out of their office to scream and demand productivity are gone. Today, success comes to leaders that build teams based on trust. 

Book – Game-Time Decision Making: High-Scoring Business Strategies from the Biggest Names in Sports

There is a reason why many businesses state that they are seeking sports-minded individuals in their job ads. These candidates are driven, know the importance of going the extra mile, and understand just how far hard work can take you. This is why we are encouraging you to add this David Meltzer book to your reading list. He shares knowledge from coaches that educate the reader on effective leadership and business strategies. This is a must-read for new business owners that are looking to build a strong team and maintain office productivity.

Do you have 45 minutes to spare every day? No matter your answer (which should be yes), we have a resource that will help you continuously grow as a business leader. If you have 45 minutes free on your schedule each day, pick up one of these two books and enjoy the knowledge they share. If you are short on spare time, no worries! Play one of these podcasts in your car on the way to and from work. If you are not growing your skills each week, the only person at fault is you. Remember, you control your reality. From our team here at International Business Concepts, happy reading/listening!

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