Meet Elijah Shabazz, Senior Corporate Trainer

Here at International Business Concepts, we embrace every opportunity to share what we appreciate most, our team. We build our company on the foundation of relationships, which is why we want to introduce one of our strongest team members, Elijah. Elijah Shabazz is a Senior Corporate Trainer on the team and has been with us since the very beginning.

Elijah was born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and grew up in Haddon Township. As a kid, his parents would have described him as “a social knucklehead.” Shabazz was involved in many sports, namely football, baseball, track, wrestling, and weightlifting. When he remembers how that competitive environment influenced him, the trainer says, “it made me fall in love with winning.”

Despite having this competitive edge, Shabazz still never expected to end up in this field. When we asked him that very question, his response was clear – “not a chance.” When he recalls one life-changing experience, the trainer sums it up to one, “moving to a new high school forced me to adapt to new surroundings.” After graduating from high school, Shabazz packed his bags and headed to Widener University, where he studied Real Estate.

His first thoughts of the company are sentiments that still remain today. “I loved the energy that everyone had. The atmosphere made it exciting to come to work every morning. The culture is uplifting, motivated, goal-driven, and an exciting community of young entrepreneurs chasing the same vision.”

For Elijah Shabazz, this opportunity has been a combination of growth, success, and goal creation. “I have learned the ability to adapt to different personalities and learning curves,” says Shabazz, “I have learned professionalism and overall communication skills. This opportunity allows me to express myself in a very efficient way. I have also learned to become open in a variety of situations and conversations. My goal is to find myself in a set position to dominate all challenges that come before me, and to reach the level of ownership, obtaining overall wealth in the business.”

When the trainer is not working hard in the office, or out in the field, you can find him on an adventure. “I like to explore new areas and different cuisines,” says Shabazz, “I like to relax with friends and surround myself with overall positivity.”


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