Meet Marlin: Assistant Manager

Welcome to International Business Concepts, where what we value above all else rests right inside of our offices- our team. We pride ourselves on our ability to build a team of winners and go-getters, one of whom is Marlin Hall. Marlin Hall is an upcoming Assistant Manager with a rock-solid work ethic and a winning streak. This month, we had the opportunity to sit down with Marlin to discuss business advice, goals, and company culture.

Marlin Hall was born in Albany, Georgia, and raised in Sylvester, Georgia. He recalls his childhood fondly, remembering himself as an athletic and studious child. Alongside his school work, Hall was an active player on the football, basketball, and baseball teams. “This competitive environment totally shaped my career,” says Hall, “I look at the business as managing a sports team.”

After graduating from high school, Hall packed his bags and headed to college to play football. As if being a collegiate athlete wasn’t hard enough, Hall studied Applied Physics during his time as a student. While International Business Concepts has been the first company that Hall worked for, when asked if he expected to work in this field, his response was, “no chance.” He remembers his college experience as being very formative years. “Moving away from home and going to college changed my life,” says Hall, “It helped me learn to be more self-sufficient.” He may have left his physics books behind when he joined the sales force, but his love for science remains strong. “I love to study space,” says Hall, “you might not know that by looking at me.”

Marlin Hall remembers the first day he walked through our doors, and while he has seen growth in the months that followed, he knows where his roots lay. “I immediately noticed the energy and environment of the atmosphere,” says Hall, “of course, I also noticed that people were making thousand dollar checks every week.”

“My best memory with the company has been the day that I was promoted to Assistant Manager,” says Hall. In his time here, Hall has achieved what many only dream of- the opportunity to lead, grow, and provide opportunity. “Through my work, I have learned how to successfully run a business from the ground up,” says Hall, “it has taught me professionalism and how to think like a businessman.”

“The progression to Assistant Management seemed to be a long journey,” says Hall, “but in reality, it hasn’t been. I’ve hit a lot of bumps along the way, but due to great leadership from Cruz and hard work from my team, we made it.”

As an Assistant Manager, Marlin Hall juggles many tasks. “I run the office from the start of the day to the end of the day,” says Hall, “I help Cruz with payroll, run weekly workshops for our people to learn information.” Much of an Assistant Manager’s work happens below the surface and can be seen in the culture and attitude of his office. “I motivate my team with energy and encouragement,” says Hall, “Outside of the office, I motivate them with crew nights and bonuses.

For those looking to achieve what he has, Marlin Hall has some advice for you. “Set high goals and use your work ethic to make people follow you. Never settle for being second to anyone.”


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