Meet International Business Concepts’ Most Inspiring Leader, Carnell Norfleet

Who is Carnell Norfleet? A former basketball player, the nicest guy in the room, and Senior Corporate Trainer at International Business Concepts. With over a year of experience on the International Business Concepts team, Norfleet is one of the strongest entrepreneurs in the game. With expert insights and a record of kindness, Norfleet is an... Continue Reading →

Team Testimonials

As we wrap up July and prepare to enter August, our team here at International Business Concepts is excited about the growth potential that the next few months hold. Our people have continuously stepped up to the plate this year and hit home run after home run. To maintain this momentum, we are looking to... Continue Reading →

The Name of the Game: Mentorship

At International Business Concepts, we talk about leadership often, almost daily. However, we don’t broach the topic of mentorship nearly as much as we should. Today, we are changing that. We want to add our two cents to the narrative surrounding mentors and express our advice on utilizing your experience and expertise to help others... Continue Reading →

How to Put Yourself First

At International Business Concepts, we’ve learned over the years that to be the leaders our people need us to be, we have to dedicate time and energy to ourselves. While this sounds selfish, we can assure you that it’s anything but. Have you ever heard of the oxygen mask theory? If you’re on a plane... Continue Reading →

How to Build and Maintain Powerful Habits

Flashback to January when we created our “new year, new us” resolutions. Now that we’ve begun the second quarter of the year, how do you feel about the progress you’ve made? It’s common for these goals to trail off into the distance by now, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the introduction... Continue Reading →

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